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Airsoft Weekend

Airsoft Weekend at Southport Pleasureland

Southport Pleasureland was transformed into an Airsoft themed park last weekend for a huge civil war style shootout.

A massed group of Airsoft players – a sport where teams enact makeshift battles with replica guns and grenades – descended on the Southport park from Friday March 17 to Sunday March 19 for a weekend long event.

Experts worked alongside Pleasureland Boss Norman Wallis to create an environment based on a besieged war zone before two teams went head to head for 72 hours of non stop play-fighting.

The Pleasureland event was a huge success with the layout of the park and also the old zoo area providing the perfect environment for the activity. The team worked tirelessly to prepare the park not just for the battles but also to accommodate the campers. Pleasureland were able to replenish the fighters’ lost carbs with great food and drink and comedians were also brought in for Saturday night entertainment.

Pleasureland boss Norman Wallis said: “We were very excited to host this event which was the first of its kind in the area.  

“We have been planning this for many months. After a lot of hard work the participants were able to enjoy a fabulous event that saw huge groups who had travelled from far and wide fighting it out across most of the park area - plus the Arena ground and the Zombie Zoo in which other exciting events are now planned for later this year.

“It certainly made for a great battle scene and the noise probably had some of the town wondering if war had been declared!

“The Airsoft event comes during the run up to Pleasureland’s official opening on April 1. However we do expect a much more peaceful offering over Easter!”