Alder Hey Children’s Charity offer their ‘If I had just one wish’ thoughts at Southport Pleasureland’s Winter opening on Saturday 12th December.

A group of Alder Hey Children’s Charity child ambassadors will help launch Southport Pleasureland’s Christmas experience on Saturday 12th December, by each filming their ‘if I had just one wish’ for Christmas.

Their visit will not only see them and their families enjoy VIP treatment, as well as big wishes for family and friends, it marks the first day of a new partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Charity as the park’s charity of the year for 2021. Daniel Bell, Katie Countanche and Ben Parry are the first of the charity’s ambassadors to offer their special ‘one’ Christmas wish.

Daniel’s wish

Ben’s wish

Katie’s wish

Pleasureland CEO, Norman Wallis, said: “We are thrilled to have Alder Hey Children’s Charity as our charity of the year for 2021. The charity does brilliant work and is focused on helping families stay whole and happy – and we couldn’t wish for a better fit with our own goals – to deliver happy experiences to families. It’s a privilege to welcome some of the charity’s ambassadors and their families at our Winter Wonderland experience on opening day. I’ve watched the ‘just one wish’ video series and it is heart-warming how generous and thoughtful these incredible children are – thinking of others in their wishes. We want to make wishes come true and we want to help everyone have a Happy Christmas – we will do our utmost to support Alder Hey Children’s Charity during what, we hope, will be a much better year. Anyone who would like to support the charity should visit the donations’ page, Pleasureland’s own donations’ programme will start from January.”