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Alder Hey Children’s Charity

Alder Hey Children’s Charity raises vital funds to help make Alder Hey Children’s Hospital a truly world-class, patient-friendly hospital for the 330,000 patients and families they care for every year.

Children and young people have very different requirements from a hospital. Their needs are not the same as those of adults. The charity recognises this and helps to fund state of the art equipment and a range of activities and projects that are designed to enhance and improve the lives of these amazing young patients while they are treated. The charity funds specialist medical equipment which ensures the hospital’s brilliant surgeons and clinical staff have the most up to date technology available.

Southport Pleasureland is proud to be working with Alder Hey Children’s Charity to help raise funds to support the incredible work done every day at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and on June 1st 2021 the World’s first Children’s Charity Embassy was created inside Southport Pleasureland! We are now home to the Alder Hey Children’s Charity Embassy, giving the charity a space to hold fundraisers in our grounds.

When you purchase tickets to visit Southport Pleasureland via our online shop, you have the chance to make a small donation to help us raise funds for this amazing charity. Thank you for helping us to help them.

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