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Carving up the Coast at Pleasureland!

Come and see Carving up the Coast

Carving up the Coast at Pleasureland!On Sunday 24th May, Southport Pleasureland Arena will host an amazing event as part of the Southport Contemporary Arts Trail which takes place from 23rd to 31st May. From the park’s opening time at 11am until around 5pm we will have the spectacle of highly experienced precision carvers who will each work on an 8 ft log to create an amazing sculpture. Each carver will work for four hours on their piece, with just a short break half way through.

Fully equipped with all the required safety gear, they will use chain saws and other tools, each vying with the other to present the most intricate, interesting and prize winning entry. This part of the competition will end mid-afternoon and every spectator will be invited to vote for their favourite work of art. The carvers will also vote for their own Carvers’ Choice Award.

But it doesn’t end there! The final event is a speed-carve which is 30 minutes against the clock, all of the carvers working at the same time to again produce the best piece in this very short time span!

At the end of the afternoon the prize giving will be followed by an auction for all the pieces that have been produced. The proceeds from the speed carve are being very kindly donated to our local charity, Community Link Foundation.

It should be a pretty special day and not something you get the opportunity to see very often at all! So don’t miss it!

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