Batala Mersey Drumming up a Storm! - Southport Pleasureland

Drumming up a Storm!

Batala Mersey live at Southport Pleasureland

Drumming up a Storm! Not only do we have the carvers with us on Sunday 24th May, we are also delighted to welcome the amazing Batala Mersey, samba drumming band to the park. The band, a non-for-profit community band who play samba-reggae beats, are formed from the previous Batala Liverpool band and as such their members have been playing all over the UK and internationally for many years. In their colourful red, black and white costumes, ribbons and roses, they create an atmosphere like none other and it is impossible not to be moved by the beat. And you certainly hear it from quite a distance!

Batala Mersey will parade through Pleasureland around mid-day and will also play a set as part of the carving event later in the afternoon.

We’re proud that one of our own team is actually part of this fabulous band so she will be pulling out all the stops to impress the boss and her team mates on Sunday!

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