FAQ's | Southport Pleasureland


Do I have to pay to enter the park?

No! Entry to Southport Pleasureland is completely free so you can come into the park and enjoy the sights and atmosphere, grab a coffee or something to eat, or come and see the daily entertainment.

How much do the rides cost?

The majority of our rides cost between one and two tokens with just a couple of the larger rides costing more. This means you can buy five tokens (£1 each) and go on five rides!

How do I pay for rides?

We now operate an e-card token system, called a FUN CARD. For £1 you can buy your card, lanyard and pouch then load your Fun Card with as much value as you choose (minimum £5). You can check the balance at various places around the park and top up at the token booths if you need.

What if I don’t use all the tokens on my Fun Card when I leave the park?

You can use the balance on your card at any future visit to the park during the season in which they were bought.

What time is it open and how long can I stay?

Doors open at 11am and the park is open until at least 6pm. Please note that in times of unpleasant weather, we may have to close the park early for health, safety and comfort reasons, but you can always come back and use any tokens again.

When does the park open in 2015?

Please see our calendar for details of when we are open during the season.

Are there height restrictions on the rides?

There are on some, but the vast majority of our rides are open to all ages and for children who are accompanied by an adult.

Is the park disability friendly?

Yes. Please see details within ‘Park Information’ (link here)

Can we bring the dog?

Yes! We love dogs – so long as they are kept on a lead and any mess is immediately cleared up.

Can I bring food and drink?

Yes you can although we also have plenty of food and drink outlets available in the park. There are plenty of places to sit and have a picnic!

Are there souvenirs?

We have lots of lovely souvenirs to purchase at our gift shop.

How do I get to you?

We are within easy walking distance of Southport railway station and bus stops. There is also plenty of parking space available in our adjacent car parks. Please see further details at How to find us (link here)

Can I come by bike and is there somewhere to lock my cycle?

Indeed! We have bike stands near the main entrance and we would just ask that you do not cycle through the park as it presents a risk to pedestrians.