Lakeside Miniature Railway | Southport Pleasureland

Lakeside Miniature Railway

Lakeside Miniature Railway

A Southport gem that has never gone out of fashion!

The LMR was opened in 1911 with the first train running on 25th May that year along a route that is still used today. As such, the LMR it is one of the earliest railways of its type still running on its original route – and is one of the oldest continually running railway of 15” gauge in the world.

The railway runs between Pleasureland Station & Marine Parade Station. In the past a third station has operated in Princes Park and the building still exists but this is now used for storage.

A number of locomotives have operated on the line since it’s inception, including steam locos. Most recently, the locomotives used on the LMR have included Duke of Edinburgh, Golden Jubilee and Jenny. The work continues in order to bring other engines back to life.

In May 2016 LMR was acquired by Norman Wallis who also owns Southport Pleasureland. Due to the ill health of the previous owners, the line had not been maintained in recent years so a massive investment and refurbishment programme was begun. This is concentrating on replacing parts of the track as well as bringing the locomotives back up to scratch to enable the LMR to open again in Spring 2017.

Both of the stations sell return tickets for the train at £3 per return trip (singles are not available). Stations are based adjacent to Pleasureland and at the pier end of the track where there is a shop selling ice cream, sweets and tickets.

A trip on the LMR is a thrill for all of the family, especially those with an interest in railways!