National Picnic Week | Southport Pleasureland

National Picnic Week!

There is nothing better than a good old picnic!

National Picnic WeekFrom 13th to 26th June, people will be packing their wicker hampers and heading out to grass for a great outdoor tradition as that’s when National Picnic Week occurs.

Here in the UK our picnic habits tend to be dictated by the weather which is all too often of a changeable nature. How many times have you planned your gala pies and boiled eggs only to find it’s raining on your parade?

Of course there are hardy souls who pack their waterproofs and wellies along with their Wensleydale and refuse to let the weather ruin their arrangements. We say “well done” to them as you never know when the sun will come out despite how the day might start!

At Southport Pleasureland we have a huge grass arena area which is just perfect for picnics, as well as benches placed throughout the actual park. Why not combine a visit to the rides with a slap up lunch al-fresco? What could be nicer than Pirate Ship and Pepperami, Hook-a-Duck and Hummous, Dodgems and Drumsticks?

A quick survey of some of our visitors identifies the following firm favourites for a successful picnic:

  • Wensleydale and chutney sandwiches
  • Prawns with a crisp green salad
  • Scotch eggs
  • Strawberries and cream
  • Tabouleh salad with lots of mint
  • Pork pies and sausage rolls
  • Quiche and coleslaw
  • Lashings of ginger beer!

So if that’s tickling your taste buds, it’s probably time to dust off the plastic plates and head down here to spread out your rugs in our picnic area. And if the weather does turn bandit, don’t let it spoil your fun as you never know when the sun might pop its head out again here at Southport Pleasureland!