The most popular funfair games at our park

It’s no secret that Southport Pleasureland has something for everyone, from great theme park rides, to delicious sweet treats, to loads of free attractions. But what sets us apart are the exciting pay to play funfair games that you can win cool prizes at. 

From classic games like Hook a Duck and Penalty Shootout, there’s something for everyone to test their skills and have loads of fun! Keep reading to learn more about the most popular funfair games we have at our theme park.

Our most popular funfair games

As mentioned, we host an array of pay to play funfair games that guarantee fun for everyone of all ages. Below are some of the most popular games amongst our visitors. Why not come and have a go yourself when you next visit? You might just win some cool prizes.

Hook a Duck Game

A beloved funfair game enjoyed across many generations is the Hook a Duck game. Using a fishing hook to capture adorable rubber ducks swimming in water is what this game entails. Prizes are awarded based on the number of ducks caught or its difficulty level. Because of its simplicity and nostalgia this game brings, it’s one of the most famous and loved games amongst our visitors.

Penalty Shootout Football Game

Test your accuracy and coordination skills with the Penalty Shootout football game. A firm favourite by all, the aim of the game is to score as many goals as you can within a set timeframe, whilst competing against others or the clock. Suitable for all ages and perfect for football fans, this game guarantees big smiles and some friendly competition amongst all of your friends and family!

Derby Horse Race Game

The Derby Horse Race game is another popular game at the park. Players can test their accuracy skills by rolling balls up a ramp and into holes, with the aim to move their horses along the track to the finish line. First place awards winners with a cool prize that is sure to bring plenty of smiles. Don’t miss out on this classic funfair game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Indoor and Outdoor Basketball

Our Basketball game is a chance for you to show off your ball shooting skills and win exciting prizes. You can play this game solo or with your friends and family, which makes it a perfect funfair game. Come rain or shine, our indoor and outdoor options make it suitable for the unpredictable British weather! Why not come try out our Basketball game on your next visit?

Ball in a Bucket Game

This ball toss game is another classic funfair game where players aim to throw balls into buckets to win a prize. The twist with this game is that the more balls that stay in the bucket, the bigger the prize players win! Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy testing their hand-eye coordination with this game. With its popularity dating back decades ago, it’s no wonder why this game continues to be a firm family favourite.

Firing Range Game

If you’re looking for something that’s exciting and a little different, be sure to check out our Firing Range game. It’s perfect for people of all ages who want to test their skills and win some cool prizes. Simply shoot all of the cans off the shelf with a toy gun and win! This shooting game is a great way to finish up your fun-filled day out in our park.

Come and visit us today!

Our popular pay to play funfair games are a great way to enjoy a fun time with friends and family while enjoying the thrill of winning. From the much loved classic games mentioned above, to our other popular games such as Tin Can Alley, Holey Roller and Minions Teeth, our games offer endless entertainment for everyone. You can take a look at the full list of games at our park here.

So if you’re ready to come and enjoy a day filled with adventure and excitement, take a look at our varied ticket options here and book online today. Remember the more rider wristbands you buy, the more you save – plus it’s FREE entry for everyone to our park grounds!

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