The top toddler attractions at our park

Going to a theme park at any age is exciting. But going to a theme park when you’re a toddler is a whole new level of thrill and excitement. Some major theme parks don’t always have suitable toddler attractions which can leave parents a bit anxious for their little ones.

At Southport Pleasureland, we have a huge variety of exciting toddler friendly attractions. From Odin’s Little Dragon Coaster to the Canoes, you can be sure your little one will have the time of their lives on our exciting rides! Let’s explore our top toddler attractions in more detail.

Odin’s Little Dragon Coaster

Odin’s Little Dragon Coaster is a firm favourite with children and parents alike. Perfect for the younger roller coaster enthusiasts, this ride will have the whole family screaming with delight! Hop into the dragon-themed cars and prepare to be zipped and zoomed up and down the track. The whole family can enjoy this ride together as each car can fit up to four people.


Calling all budding explorers! If your toddler wants to take to the waters to go on a voyage, the Canoes is the perfect adventure for them. Situated near the park entrance, riders can grab a paddle and hop into the canoe-style craft and explore the wonders around them on this circular course. Each craft holds up to two people, making it a great option for your toddler to bring a friend along for the journey.

The Snake & Wave Slide

Consisting of not one, but two dizzying slides, the Snake & Wave slide is the perfect attraction for toddlers who want to enjoy some old school fun! Can your child take on the dark winding tunnel of the Snake slide? Or will they champion the race of their friends on the four-lane frenzy of the Wave slide? This classic attraction can be enjoyed as many times as you like with an unlimited rider wristband too!

Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine is a family friendly ride that parents and children can enjoy together. Switching between a clockwise and anti-clockwise spin, this ride will be sure to give your toddler butterflies in their stomachs! The Yellow Submarine is certainly a much loved attraction with youngsters of all ages!

The Toy Set

This traditional children’s carousel style ride is a great experience for any young child. Featuring a range of different fun carriages, this attraction is the perfect opportunity for your young one to get behind the wheel and enjoy the ride! Does your toddler want to know what it feels like to drive a double decker bus? Maybe they want to bring out their inner biker? Whatever they choose, they’ll be spoiled for choice!


This is a ride that certainly lives up to its name! Consisting of six thingymajig cars (quite literally!), this is an attraction parents and kids can enjoy together. Riders can prepare for takeoff and sail through the air whilst enjoying the sites of the park, or why not set yourself a challenge to see how many different thingymajig objects you can spot in your car?


Be prepared to be transported back to the stone age with our Yabadabadoo ride! Your toddlers will cruise around the track in their very own iconic cavemobile. Perfect for those looking for a mini adventure, each car can accommodate up to four people, so your young one can enjoy this prehistoric themed ride with their friends. 

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We’ve highlighted just some of the top toddler attractions at our park. There’s plenty more children’s rides and attractions to see and enjoy in the park including the Balloons, the Carousel, the Trampolines and more! And don’t forget our brand new immersive land, launching soon, Discovery Bay, is perfect for toddlers, children and adults alike.

If you’re ready to enjoy a fun family day out, be sure to book your tickets today. Remember, it’s free for EVERYONE to enter the park grounds, and anyone wanting to ride can purchase an unlimited rider wristband and ride all day long! And if you book your tickets online in advance, you’ll get discounted prices! Take a look at our varied ticket options and book yours here.