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Snods & Diamond – the EFC Challenge!

Snods & DiamondFollowers of Everton FC will be familiar with Snods and Diamond aka Ian Snodin and Graham Stuart. They embarked a little while ago on a series of challenges which have included Go Karts, darts and golf.

Last week they came to Pleasureland to pitch against each other on some of our traditional game stalls. They started out on the Penalty Shoot Out which, from a non-footballing observer’s point of view, looks pretty tricky but there were indeed goals scored!

Next up was our own darts challenge where the trick was to hit a high value card with a dart which didn’t simply bounce out of the wall. There was a clear winner here but if I told you who, I’d have to kill you… Along the row and it was Minions next, chucking a ball into the mouths of the minions to knock the teeth out! It’s not a vicious as it sounds but neither is it easy, even for strapping lads like Snods and Diamond!

Rejecting hook a duck (too simple for these two!), it was onto hook a frog. It may look easy but catching the right frog at the right time with its mouth open isn’t straightforward but they each showed their clear fishing talents on this one!

The final showdown was the Arabian Derby where they pitched themselves against other would-be jockeys, frantically sending the ball up the ramp to move their horses along the finishing straight. Again there was a clear and victorious winner here!

The film of their visit and the ultimate winner will be revealed in the EFC Fan Zone at their match against Chelsea this weekend (no pressure, boys!) and it will then be available to view on You Tube.

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